On the day

The wedding ceremony will start at 3pm, so please make sure that you arrive in good time and by 2.45pm at the latest (so as not to bump into us arriving!).

Evening festivities

The evening doo-dah will start at 8pm. The bar will stay open till 1am (the clocks go back at 2am). Also, let's not forget this is the end of October in England! So something warm for the evening might be needed.

Venue address: Tunnels Beaches,   Bath Place,   Ilfracombe,   Devon,   EX34 8AN

Photos - a request

We will have an awesome photographer, Hannah Millard (check her out), who will be with us throughout the day. We therefore politely ask that you don't take any photos during the ceremony. This will not only help Hannah take her photos, but more importantly, we want to turn round after the ceremony finishes and see all your lovely faces, not a bank of phones and cameras - we're not ready for the paparazzi treatment!

Of course, please take lots of photos once the ceremony is finished - the more cringeworthy and embarrassing the better (we might regret saying that).


Unfortunately, due to the small size and layout of our venue, we will be unable to accommodate children during the day time events. Children are welcome to join us in the evening, when there will be more space to run around.

We hope that this does not cause anyone unnecessary problems, but if it does, please let us know as soon as possible.


Like many couples we’re not asking for, or indeed expecting, any gifts. We appreciate the expense of attending a wedding and don’t want people to have to factor the cost of a gift into that expense.

Some people have asked us about gifts, however. We don't have any specific requests, but if you are short of ideas then any sort of contribution towards our honeymoon would be more than gratefully received.

As you know, we are both avid travellers, so the choice for where to go for this special trip was particularly difficult to make. Therefore we've decided to go somewhere that will allow Lisa to enjoy swimming in sea water slightly above freezing and allow Omar to indulge his inner Ray Mears --- so we're going to Australia!

We are booking the trip with Trailfinders and have created a wedding list with them (Surname: "Cashmore" or "Jamil"; Ref: 5BBCPF): Wedding List